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The Society is devoted to promoting the study of, and publication about, emerging market economies. The Society is a new organization that is an international association of scholars devoted to the study of emerging market, their development and their trade and financial relations with the world.

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Meral Kutan, Managing Director,
1040 University Drive, #6, Edwardsville, IL 62025, USA

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What Our Members Say

"Emerging Markets Finance & Trade focuses on the issues that are most important to emerging markets -- trade and trade policy and financial markets and flows ... an important forum for research and policy discussion in these areas."
- Paul Wachtel, Stern School of Business, New York University
"Emerging Markets Finance & Trade is the most comprehensive journal in its coverage of different regions of the developing world. The articles utilize the most recent advances in economic theory and econometrics."
- Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Emerging Markets Finance & Trade is essential reading ... with leading edge papers on the central topics of relevance to ... financial markets and international trade in emerging markets."- Saul Estrin, Department of Management, London School of Economics
"The analysis of the economic challenges faced by emerging markets has increasingly been attracting attention in the economic profession. This journal provides an important forum for high-quality research on these issues."
- Carmen M. Reinhart, Harvard University
"As a new member of SSEM and participant in your conferences , I certainly think the society is a magnet for scholars who pursue cutting-edge research. Their conferences are always far-reaching and well attended. I would recommend the society and conferences organized by SSEM to all scholars working on issues related to emerging markets."
- Mehmet E. Yaya, Eastern Michigan University
"I have previously submitted one of my manuscripts to your journal, EMFT, and I am glad to be a member of your prestigious academic society."
- Hanjoon (Joseph) Kim, Hoseo University, Republic of Korea
"EMFT provides thousands of scholars and practitioners a great platform to share their cutting edge research on emerging market issues. With its contribution and dedication to the profession, this platform will grow bigger."
- Mingsheng Li, Bowling Green State University
"I have presented my paper, "Regional Unemployment and the Restructuring of Distressed State-owned Enterprises: Evidence from China", at an SSEM conference, and this paper has been submitted to EMFT. "
- Min Zhang, Renmin University of China
"EMFT balances academic and practical insights well. It is a great joy to read the articles in EMFT. Thank you"
- Hyoung Goo Kang, Ph.D., Hanyang University Business School
"As an author who has published in EMFT, I find it a great journal to publish up-to-date research and learn about what is going on in emerging markets."
- Alfredo Jiménez, University of Burgos
"EMFT is currently one of the most important outlets for researchers focused on international financial markets. Over the years, the quality of manuscripts submitted to the journal has increased considerably thanks to the magnificent work of its editor, Dr. Ali Kutan."
- Viviana Fernandez, School of Business of Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
"The recent jump in EMFT’s Impact Factor to 0.953 in the Thompson-Reuters SSCI Ranking makes it an attractive place to submit research."
- Stanislaw Mramorelachev, South Pacific University
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